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Bayer Advanced

 Bayer Advanced is dedicated to helping your customers achieve better results with less effort. Our 100-year history of providing innovative products to the horticultural and professional pest control industries means that you can trust Bayer Advanced to take care of your lawn and garden needs. At Bayer Advanced, this is more than a tagline. It is our mission to deliver "Better Thinking, Better Results" in everything we do. To our customers, this means better solutions to help care for their lawns and gardens.
Phone: 877-229-3724, 8:00 am - 5:00 p.m. CST 


Bio Safe Systems

 Simply Sustainable. Always Effective.Agriculture farms and greenhouses around the US depend on BioSafe Systems for stronger, healthier crops. Now you can too. BioSafe provides products to eliminate disease-causing pathogens on all types of growing plants, to treat algae without the use of chlorinated products, and to control insects using botanical extracts. BioSafe is proud to be able to offer solutions for consumers that are field tested, proven effective and US EPA (The United States Environmental Protection Agency) registered.At BioSafe Systems, we stand by our mission: Simply Sustainable. Always Effective. We believe that every product should be safe for not only the person using it, but also for their families, pets, and the surrounding environment. Our vision is to always be stewards of the environment, creating sustainable solutions that have no lasting impact. All BioSafe products meet the requirements of the NOP (National Organic Program), and many are also OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed. BioSafe products are proudly made in the USA. BioSafe Systems is committed to providing organic, effective and field-tested solutions to everyday problems in the garden, ponds and around the home. Go to  https://www.biosafe.net/ to find where you can purchase BioSafe products or call 1.888.273.3088 (toll-free).Find us on Facebook at Facebook.com/BioSafeSystems 



 Bird-X Inc., Trusted industry leaders since 1964, protects public areas and households from common pest problems. Bird-X manufactures a complete line of unique and safe control products that deter animals & pests from unwanted areas without harming them.  Bird-X solutions protect homes, businesses, universities, sports complexes, and government facilities worldwide.  Create a pest-free environment using Bird-X products that are safe, humane, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and extremely effective.  Pests include mice, rats, deer, raccoon, skunks, squirrels, moles, pigeons, woodpeckers, Canada Geese, possum and many more.
Online Store: www.bird-x.com
E-mail: solutions@bird-x.com
Phone: 800.662.5021 


Bonide Products

Congratulations! Bonide celebrates 75 years of offering gardeners only the finest products available to solve lawn, plant, insect, and home and garden problems. Bonide's product line is so complete that when gardeners visit their award-winning website, they'll receive a great product and gardening information to solve almost any gardening problem. Bonide has provided customers with education and problem solving since 1926.
Phone: 315-736-8231 



In the early 1940s, Manitowoc florist John G. Dramm, with a gift for invention, designed a product that was to become the cornerstone of the Dramm Corporation. He called it the 400 Water Breaker(TM). Today Dramm Corporation still manufactures millions of Water Breaker hose nozzles along with many other Professional Watering Tools. In addition, Dramm produces its' very own All Natural Organic Fertilizer for commercial growers, master gardeners and enthusiasts throughout the world.
Phone: 800.258.0848 order toll-free 


Espoma Company

For over 75 years The Espoma Company has been the leading manufacturer and marketer of natural organic plant foods for the lawn and garden industry. Our brands, including Holly-tone, Plant-tone, and Rose-tone, are recognized by professional and amateur gardeners as the finest, safest, and most reliable plant foods available.
Phone: 888-ESPOMA1 


Everguard Repellants

 American Deer Proofing originated as a successful spray service specializing in landscape protection from deer & rabbits. Unsatisfied with repellents on the market, ADP Developed Everguard™ Deer & Rabbit Repellent for their own use and is now making it available to the American consumer. With over 15 years of commercial experience developing, testing and deploying repellents for decorative plants, Everguard™ Repellents are natural formulas that have proven effective for protecting plants in all weather conditions, unlike others. Visitwww.deerrepellent.com to find a retailer near you. You can also check us out on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/everguarddeerrepellent 


JRM Chemical Inc.

Soil Moist is ideal for applications where watering is a concern. The complete non-toxic polymer design helps to reduce plant watering by 50%. Soil Moist helps save water and reduce evaporation of moisture from the soil. It's time release fertilizer keeps your plants hydrated and in great shape all season. Soil Moist encourages deep root penetration, reduces soil compaction, minimizes transplant shock, will last several seasons and is cost effective and environmentally friendly.
Phone: 800-962-4010


Natural-Alternative Ice Melt

Natural Alternative Ice Melt is hard on ice and snow but easy on the environment. It is safer for pets; it is non-toxic and biodegradable; and it is gentle on lawns, vegetation, and cured concrete. It continues to work to -16 degrees Fahrenheit, and it does not track in on floors. This product is super concentrated -- one bag of our product is equivalent to three bags of rock salt! Order some at 888-546-5941; natural-alternative.com; or on Amazon. 



Natural Alternative® has been providing homeowners with natural and organic-based lawn and garden products for over twenty-five years. Our mission is to reduce the use of chemicals in peoples’ daily lives. We provide a safer, effective and affordable alternative to synthetic chemicals. By the year 2000, organics had grown into a sustainable lifestyle, and the demand for Natural Alternative® products increased, too. By 2011 Natural Alternative® grew from an internet-based company to a brand supporting independent lawn and garden centers. Today, in addition to our lawn fertilizers, organic plant foods and microbial-based products, we offer non-toxic, biodegradable ice melt -- a kinder alternative to our waterways, landscapes, aquatic life, and pets. It’s an easy choice®. Call us at 888-546-5941, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/naturalaltbrand or log onto our website at www.natural-alternative.com. (Look for our new website with a garden center locator.) It’s an easy choice™.Natural-Alternative


Organic Labratories

Organic Laboratories is one of the country’s leading developers, producers, and marketers of earth-friendly pesticides and fertilizers. Our products are as diverse as the markets we serve. We are one of the few industry providers with an in-house agronomist, and our team is constantly researching and developing new products for a variety of users and industries. 


Pearl's Premium

Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed is a breakthrough, barefoot-soft, award-winning lawn seed that was the result of 10 years of intense research into all natural, native and adaptive grasses. Pearl's Premium grass, sprouts in 7-10 days, grows to a lush thick 1" tall in a month, then slows down, so you mow it only once a month in sunny areas or once every six weeks in shady areas - rather than mowing every week, as with other grasses. Pearl's Premium grass seed grows roots four times deeper than most grass. The 12-14" deep roots reach water and nutrients deep in the soil. Between the deep roots and slow growth, Pearl's Premium needs between 1/2 to 1/4 the water of other grass, after it is established. Now in over 150,000 lawns, Pearl's Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed grows in all climates. No GMOs and all-natural, this grass never needs chemical fertilizer to stay green all year long, to be "People, Pet & Planet Friendly."    Pearl's Premium has received over 300 rave reviews by the experts including "Popular Science" and "This Old House" magazines, plus reviewers at ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News, Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal and home improvement expert Bob Vila. Winner of an award from the Boston Museum of Science for being one of the three most important inventions to come out of New England, but grows in all 50 states and foreign countries. Also won the coveted international MassChallenge prize for innovation out of a field of 446 entries from 26 countries.  This is a family-owned business that hires the handicapped and gives a significant amount of money and grass seed to causes related to environmental education, children, animals and gives free educational workshops all over the country. Sold at Select Costco Warehouses all over the US, Whole Foods Markets in New England, other quality garden centers and on the internet at www.PearlsPremium.com. When purchasing on the internet, put in the discount code "Paul" to save 10%.  This grass will save significant amounts of water, time, money, lower your carbon footprint, give you a lawn your neighbors will envy and be safer for children, animals, and our earth. 


Smart Pots

High Caliper Growing High Caliper Growing, the manufacturer of the Smart Pot and the Big Bag Bed, was founded in 1984. But the story began four years earlier when Ralph Reiger put together some fabric containers at his tree farm in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Ralph hoped the in-ground fabric bags would make harvesting large caliper trees easy. The trees were dug in 1982, and two years later Ralph, working out of the basement of his house, incorporated and began selling his new “Root Control Bags” to the nursery industry. Today, High Caliper Growing is the green industry leader in manufacturing breathable, soft-sided containers for plant growers. After years in the garden and nursery, we know that the container you use will effect the growth of your plant. The Smart Pot fabric aeration container and the Big Bag Bed fabric raised bed are the best-growing containers for your plants. And our products are made in Oklahoma, USA. Smart Pots 


Summit Responsible Solutions

Summit Mosquito Dunks® are America’s favorite biological mosquito control because Dunks kill mosquitoes before they’re old enough to bite®. The active ingredient in Mosquito Dunks® is BTI (Bacillus thuringiensisisraelensis), a bacterium that’s deadly to mosquito larvae but harmless to other living things. Just float biodegradable Mosquito Dunks® in ponds, birdbaths, fountains or wherever water collects to kill mosquito larvae for up to 30 days. Mosquito Dunks® are organic and approved for use in fish habitats and animal watering troughs. Mosquito Bits® contain the same active ingredient as Mosquito Dunks®, and they are approved for the control of fungus gnats in container gardens and potted plants. Summit Year-Round® Spray Oil is an OMRI-approved horticultural oil that kills a wide range of insect pests. Summit Biological Caterpillar & Webworm Control contains 100% natural BTK, which kills caterpillars and webworms but has no effect on birds, earthworms, or beneficial insects such as honeybees and ladybugs. For more information visit www.summitresponsiblesolutions.com or call (800) 227-8664. 


Wild Delight

The Best Gardens Deserve The Best Birds Wild Delight® produces more of what birds crave, because you and your birds deserve the best! All Wild Delight® products contain only the finest ingredients you can feed your outdoor pets. Wild Delight® produces a variety of food to attract the most desirable outdoor pets. Advanced Formulas® have premium ingredients and complete vitamin-mineral fortification, including real fruits and nuts. Natural Formulas contain only natural premium ingredients. Wildlife Formulas are specifically designed for backyard wildlife. www.wilddelight.com 


Wilt Proof

Sixty years ago WILT-PRUF® was discovered and became the first antitranspirant on the market. A product such as this was needed in horticulture to enable nurserymen to transplant shrubs and trees any time of year without fear of excessive transpiration which could cause plant failure.Over the years, it was discovered that anti-transpirants had many additional but related uses -- protection against drying out when evergreen roots were frozen in wintertime, as well as during periods of drought. These times of stress deprive plants of their normal moisture intake. Anti-transpirants were found to be effective on cut Christmas trees, wreaths, and greens to retard needle drop by keeping existing moisture in the foliage. It was discovered that many indoor plants could survive longer periods without watering by treatment with an anti-transpirant. And ornamentals exposed to excessive warm or cold winds were protected from drying out by spraying with an anti-transpirant. Storage of tubers, bulbs, and bare root stock was more successful when they were first dipped in an anti-transpirant solution.Phone: 1-800-972-0726
website: www.wiltpruf.com