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Traveling with Chris and Paul is traveling with one big family! We have been all over Europe, including Italy, Croatia, Venice , France, Great Britain, as well as across the United States. Our next trip is Iceland in March and I can't wait. The accommodations are always top notch, the tours are so much fun and the food is so good. and in December 2018 we are traveling the Christmas Markets, something I've been looking forward to doing for years. Trust me, going on a Paul Parent trip is the highlight of your year!   Kathleen D.

 10 trips with the Parents Wonderful time each trip Looking for to up coming trip in March to Iceland.  Missy.

 Went to Alaska on a trip with Paul and his wife. It was a Beautiful trip - Full of all kinds of beauty and FUN times.Went to see the Gallerias. It was wonderful trip my daughter and I will never forget. Paul and his wife made things so easy. SO ORGANIZED and Never missed a beat. Went to Amsterdam and then on a river boat trip Beligum - Holland etc. Went through 28 Locks Again it was a very well organized trip - this trip with my friend Felicity from Australia had flown in from Melbourne, and we a GREAT TIME : ) YOU CAN COUNT ON ALWAYS HAVING A WONDERFUL ON PAUL PARENTS TOURS. went on this trip together. SO MUCH FUN !! Pauls trips are the Best.   Carolyn B


My daughter and I traveled with Paul and Chris to Holland and France on gardening tours the springs of 2008 or nine. It was a well thought out trip, well planned. Everything worked out like clock work. I still converse with a lady I met on the France tour.  Karyn M

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